Back 40 Mud Pie

Baked entirely from scratch, our Back 40 Mud Pis is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Served on a signature blonde crust, we blend together real Hershey’s chocolate and Nutella in two delectable layers to give it a unique and rich flavor. These layers are separated by our creamy caramel sauce mixed with pecans and a few extra chocolate chips. Drooling is acceptable!


Chocolate Espresso Cake

Sinfully delicious, smooth chocolate cheesecake infused with espresso and baked in a chocolate cookie crest. Topped with real whip cream and garnished with cocoa powder.


Towering Chocolate Cake

Four gigantic layers of chocolate cake are filled and covered with at chocolate butter icing and finished with chocolate cookie crumbs.


Pecan Cobbler

A true Southern specialty! This delicious pecan cobbler is teeming with rich, gooey filling, mixed with an abundance of pecans and baked in a hand-pressed, perfectly flaky crust.